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Clean Spaces Are Safe Spaces

Kids bring joy and excitement to life. They also bring germs and viruses that they’ve picked up to everyone around them. Which is why you want to take such good care of your facility. But putting in the effort to make sure your facility stays as clean as you want it to be, can get overwhelming, especially if you are trying to manage it yourself.

But you don’t have to. Sunshine Cleaning is here to help you chase away the germs and viruses with thorough cleanings done at an affordable rate. We work with daycare centers, like yours, to create customized cleaning schedules to ensure that all the surfaces children touch (and somehow they find a way to touch almost everything) gets cleaned thoroughly and regularly.




Our Promise

Attention to Detail -Germs are everywhere and proper cleaning requires attention to the details. We focus on cleaning every space or item thoroughly, your satisfaction guaranteed.

Consistency – Our staff work to achieve a high standard every time, no matter the size of the job. You can rest assured that every area of your facility will be clean every time.

Care – Regular cleanings not only reduce maintenance costs and keep your business reputation positive, they also reduce down time for your employees as they will be less likely to pick up viruses and germs in your facility. Because you care about your employees, and the children you care for, we care about keeping your facility safe.

  • No Hidden Fees
  • Licensed, Bonded & Insured
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

How We Clean

Sanitation and Disinfectants – We use safe commercial cleaners to ensure that every space and item we clean, not only looks clean and is free from viruses and germs, but also is safe for children. We will leave you with a clean and hygienic space every time.

Proper Equipment – Doing a job right means using the right tools. While we often use the cleaning tools provided for us, we bring our own equipment, when necessary, to make sure that the job is done right.

Highly Trained Staff -With 35 years in the cleaning business, our founder knows how to take care of your cleaning needs. And every staff member receives training from our founder before they start cleaning for our clients so we can guarantee the same high level of cleanliness.

Customized Cleaning – We create a customized cleaning routine designed to keep everything in your facility clean and still affordable. And, we will assign the correct amount of staff, so your facility is cleaned in a timely and efficient manner.

Quick and Reliable Communication – We take special requests and cleaning emergencies seriously. You won’t have to wait long to hear from us when you need our help.

What We Clean

Toys and Frequently Handled Objects

Play areas

Kitchen Spaces



Counter Tops

High-touch Survaces

High Traffic Areas

How It Works

We want to make this as stress-free as possible for you. You can rely on our decades of experience; get in touch & leave the hard work to Sunshine Cleaning!

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Quality Results

Keep your tenants happy while maintaining a clean & reputable image.

Why Sunshine Cleaning?

Keeping your facility clean by yourself adds stress and long hours to your already challenging job. (And those can make you more likely to get sick from viruses and germs.) And if you are looking for someone to help you keep your facility clean, you need someone who is experienced, trustworthy, and affordable. We hire and train the best cleaners in town, and with 35 years of experience we know how to clean any daycare while keeping costs low. Don’t wait till you can’t keep up with cleaning anymore to give us a call and receive a free cleaning estimate.