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Thank you for choosing Sunshine Cleaning for your cleaning needs.

Please take a moment to get acquainted with your client portal, how to earn rewards and our cleaning policies.

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Your Client Portal

A Better Customer Experience

Client Hub

Rest assured know you have your own client portal to stay up to date with your cleaning service.

Whether you want to request new work, review a quote, check on invoices, or print a receipt—you can do it all in one place.

Watch for a login email that includes your secure, personalized link to our client hub and bookmark it. Each quote or invoice you receive will include this same link, which means no pesky passwords to track and reset.

Requesting New Work

Go straight to client hub to share details about new work you’d like done, and we’ll get in touch about next steps. Don’t have your link to client hub handy? Look for a button on our website or Facebook page to access our work requests feature.

Paying Your Invoices Online

Ready to take care of your invoice? No need to call in—you can pay online, anytime. Watch for an email invoice from us, and click the link to pay online. Client hub also gives you the option to store your credit card information to make paying for future work easy.

Reviewing Quotes

We’ll send you quotes by email for your review. Click the ‘Review & Approve’ button to access client hub and add questions or comments, or if you’re good to go you can click ‘Approve’. If you have multiple quotes on the go, you’ll be able to see them all in client hub.

Access Your Records

Quotes, invoices, receipts—that’s a lot of potential email and paperwork to track and file. Enter client hub, which stores all of this documentation in one place. We give you 24/7 access to the information you need, when you need it.

Earn Rewards with Our Referral Program

Take advantage of our Client Referral Program, where you can earn $35 for every referral who books a cleaning service with Sunshine Cleaning.

You’ll also get another $35 to give to each friend and family who you refer. It’s that simple!

Just click the link below to learn more and submit your referrals.

Cleaning Tips

How to Prepare for Your Cleaning Visit

  • Eliminate clutter so we can effectively clean all surfaces
  • Find a good place for pets to hang out before the cleaners show up

Cleaning Policies

Rescheduling Your Cleaning within 72 Hours of Your Visit

  • As part of our commitment to maintaining efficient operations and honoring our commitments to our valued clients, we have a longstanding 72-hour rescheduling policy in place.
  • As a busy cleaning service, our schedule tends to fill up quickly, with limited availability for last-minute changes. Any requests to reschedule cleaning appointments made within 72 hours of the scheduled visit will be subject to a 50% fee of the total cleaning visit charge that is discounted from the total charge of your next cleaning visit.

Lock-outs and Last Minute Cancellations

  • For locks-outs there is a 50% fee of the total cleaning. This fee can be waived if we are able to get an access code or a key for future cleanings.
  • For last-minute cancellations within 24 hours of your cleaning appointment there is a 50% fee of the total visit charge.
  • Last-minute cancellations and lockouts affect our team members’ livelihood and the fee goes to our employees to help cover their lost time and wages due to the cancellation or lockout.
  • If you are needing to cancel because you will not be home, keep in mind we can set up a key lock box with a spare key or you can provide the access code to the garage door or keyless door lock.